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Sunday March 25, 2018 9pm

(LP Release Show)
Dark Cloud (Puppet Show)

@ John & Peters, New Hope, PA

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Here's the link to download for free and/or listen to a
HUMAN ADULT BAND live set as aired on
WFMU's 'What Was Music?'
on December 13, 2017


PAYPAL, booking & distribution: dihdrecords@gmail.com

Mail money orders and
well concealed cash to:

P.O. Box 610
Lambertville, NJ
08530-0610 USA

-All Orders Include Free Stuff- Free Human Adult Band & related pins, stickers and scene ephemera.

-International Shipping-
International fans, feel free to order now, but it is likely we will contact you about additional shipping costs outside of the U.S.A.

If ordering from Europe, check out Phase! Records. Phase! is a fantastic label located in Athens, Greece, well worth checking out for their own titles. They also carry most Human Adult Band titles, so if you're in Europe, you could save on shipping by ordering our stuff from them.


Demo Submissions:

dihd records is currently accepting submissions from out rock and lo-fi bands for future volumns of 'Gunk' pro-printed & pro-dubbed cassette compilation series. Vol. 3 in th' works now.


Available music by

Shadow Band/King Darves/quit/Human Adult Band
(dihd records/Nostorca/logcabinrecordings)

7" Record Compilation
(Color vinyl/limited to 400 copies)

This is a group owned compilation made by bands and artists brought together in the eclectic underground of New Brunswick, NJ after the turn of the century. A collective spirit brings brand new tracks by each artist/group. Side A offers the folk side of the spectrum. Side B offers the out-rock side of the spectrum. "...very easy to replay, which I've been doing again and again; long may the Spirit of New Brunswick fly on." exclaims Larry Fuzz-o Doleman of Blastitude Blog and webzine. "Another fine release housed in a great sleeve and well worth picking up." states Simon Lewis and Andrew Young of Terrascopic Rumbles. "This scene has been perplexing me for years. In the best way possible...A very solid spin" confirms Byron Coley in WIRE Magazine. Zoooid artwork by Kotar.

$8 (postage paid in U.S.A.)

Human Adult Band
'Hearing Damage Sessions'
(Heat Retention/Third Uncle Records)

(download code included/limited to 500 copies/hand silk screened jackets)

Cold recording sound, plodding bass lines, wandering guitars, reserved drumming, Christian and monster movie references in the lyrics and B&W new wave-ish album art, yup the Marvelous Records store clerk was right, this is our death rock album. "New Jersey's finest, Human Adult Band, unleashes a brilliant new 9 song LP with sludgy, propulsive noise oozing from every track" says Third Uncle Records. Rock-a-Rolla Magazine(UK) explains,
"[These are] some seriously ugly tunes."

Read th' reviews (Scroll down as needed):
I Must Find Atlantis
Animal PSI
Terrascope Rummbles
$12 (postage paid in U.S.A.)

Download Only Here:
Hearing Damage Sessions Album Download

Human Adult Band
'Samantha' (3rd Uncle Records)

7" Record
(download code included/limited to 500 copies)

A side is the heavy and wobbling 'Samantha' jam. Backed with 'Samantha' Song Poem by seminal art punk rocker, Jad Fair, of Half Japanese. "[It's] such a corker" exclaims Byron Coley in WIRE Magazine. 'Recommended for sure' by Animal Psi Blog.

Read a reviews (Scroll down as needed):
I Must Find Atlantis
Animal Psi
$8 (postage paid in U.S.A.)

Download Only Here: Samantha Single Download

Human Adult Band
'Trash Pickin''
(dihd records)

7" record
(limited to 300 copies, almost out of stock)

Matt from Pissed Jeans writes, "[They] play at a slovenly pace...this 7" is the best I've ever heard them.' Also, this single made the MaximumRocknRoll Top Ten. MRR's review read,'Haven't heard too many bands mix it up like this and hope to hear more of them soon." Two new jammers by punk dirge psych gunk n' rollers, Human Adult Band. Side A is the classic Adult Band sounding 'Garbage & th' Trees.' Side two is the pummeling dirge>psych>dirge>noise track titled 'Night Terrors.'

Read th' reviews (scroll down as needed):
(Matt from Pissed Jeans)

Animal PSI
Terrascope Rummbles
$8 (postage paid in U.S.A.)

Mohawk Barbie
'deadadult' (Eat Me Records)

(Now pro printed jackets/Out of stock very soon/limited to 250 copies)

This is a lightning speed punk album. First MB album recorded with T Penn (of Adult Band) & Billy Rejected (R.I.P.) fronting the band. Recorded by Central Jersey's legendary engineer, Chris Pierce, and first released in 2002. Now with pro-printed jacket. Order 'deadadult' now and get a free Mohawk Barbie 2017 CD-r single with your order.

$8 (postage paid in U.S.A.)

Pots & Powercells / thee Yets
(dihd records)

Split Album Download

Jams by two new weird Jerseyana bands. Both Pots & Powercells and thee Yets have a smooth freak folk rolling living room vibe. Mulitple members of Human Adult Band, quit & AOI.

Sample, purchase and download here


Here are some other out-of-print singles for download:

Human Adult Band (featuring Wendy J. Hyatt)
I Don't Wanna Know / Take It Off

Human Adult Band / Big Blood
Ain't No Hallowed Ground / Half-Light Blues


Interviews w/ Human Adult Band:


Amplitude Equals One Over Frequency Squared


Stores that carry Human Adult Band & related items:

Academy Records, Brooklyn, NY; Analog Records, Providence, RI; Angry Mom Records, Ithaca, NY; Armageddon Records, Providence, RI; Beautiful World Syndicate, Philly, PA; Black Gold Records, Brooklyn, NY; Burlington Records, Burlington, VT; Digital Underground/Vinyl Altar, Philadelphia, PA; D-Town Guitars, Doylestown, PA; Feeding Tube, Northampton, MA; Grimey's, Nashville, TN; Harvest Records, West Asheville, NC; Hold Fast Records, Asbury Park, NJ; JP Deep Thoughts, Boston, Ma; Newtown Books & Record Exchange, Newtown, PA; Olympic Records, Providence, RI; Phonopolis, Montreal, QUE; Princeton Record Exchange, Princeton, NJ; Pure Pop, Burlington, VT; Record & Tape Exchange, Fairfax, VA; RRR Records, Lowell, MA; Siren Records, Doylestown, PA; Som Records, Washington DC; Spina Records, New Brunswick, NJ; Static Age Records, Asheville, NC; Steady Sounds, Richmond, VA; Strange Maine, Portland, ME; True Vine, Baltimore, MD; Wax Trax, Denver, CO


Coming Soon:
  • Human Adult Band 'Sonic Enlightenment'
    LP / download from Third Uncle Records out in March 2018!
  • Night Lander Presents: 3x live split cassette with West Jersey Airport/Human Adult Band/Knights Templar
    Kind of like a Dick's Picks of the NJ sub-underground.


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